Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Blog!!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry I havent been posting recently... but I just started a new business venture and I will soon be coming out with an online clothing boutique!! yay!! So I have a new blog called August Wrinkle which is also the name of my company.

I will still be doing posts on makeup, but its more of a general blog about things that represent the company or that I just find interesting to talk about =)

Please check it out! If you like it, please follow, it would make me sooooo happy! And I thank you for all your support at Makeup by Janalyn.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Favorites of the Month: September

It was the last month of Summer =( but now its Fall! Majority of my favorites for the month of September are actually more appropriate for Fall, but I guess I jumped the gun and started using my favorite Fall products early =) Since I went to Disneyland last month, I also have a couple of Disney stuff that have been my favorites!

Face Products
  • Urban Decay Baked Bronzer 'Baked'
  • Nars Blush 'Dolce Vita'
  • Diorskin Nude Concealer 02 Beige

Top to Bottom: Nars Dolce Vita Blended Out, Dolce Vita Swatch, Baked Bronzer Blended Out, Baked Bronzer Swatch

These 3 products I wore maybe 70% of the time last month. The baked bronzer I looove because it adds a really nice glow! You can even see the highlight effect from the photo! I also have 'Gilded' which is even more shimmery! The Nars Dolce Vita blush I got a while ago because I loved the Dolce Vita lipstick so much, I thought I had to get the blush too right?! Looks dark when swatched but it actually gives a nice deep rosy color, its great for any skintone really. And finally my concealer that I have pulled outta the cobwebs because I needed something to hide all my blemishes! blah!

Lip Products
  • Nars Sheer Lipstick 'Dolce Vita'
  • Korres Lip Butter 'Wild Rose'

L to R: Dolce Vita and Wild Rose
These two products actually look almost exactly the same in the photo, but when worn, they look completely different! Dolce Vita of course is a Nars best seller and I think its a great lipcolor to wear for Fall! The Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose is a reddish tinted lip balm which is also great for the Fall season!

  • Bath and Body Works Body Scrub 'Into the Wild'
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 15

I normally dont have a favorite skincare just because I breakout so easily and it seems like no product in the entire universe can help me! But I did find a great moisturizer that hasnt made me breakout... yet. It also has SPF 15! And, if you havent smelled the Bath and Body Works 'Into the Wild' scent yet.. I highly recommend this if you like tropical and fruity body scrubs and washes. It smells soooo fantastic! And it scrubs away your dead skin =)

  • Minnie Mouse Insulated Cup
  • Mickey Mouse Mug

I thought I would bring a piece of Disneyland back home with me =)

I use the Minnie Mouse cup to take to work everyday for Lunch and the Mickey Mouse mug I also use everyday for Breakfast and Dinner! The Mickey Mouse mug also says 'Oh Boy!' oh the other side =))

Got any favorites from September you would like to share?