Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How To: Classic Red Lips

Red lips are always going to be a classic, but when applied the wrong way, it could lead to a disaster! Red lipstick or gloss tends to bleed, smudge, and just get all over the place if your not careful. These are some quick tips on how to acheive that perfect red lip!

  1. Exfoliate or moisturize. If you have really dry lips that peel or flake, exfoliate your lips before applying any products. If you dont have peeling or flaking, use a moisturizing lip balm or lip conditioner. Leave it on for a few minutes and then blot to remove any excess which could cause too much slip.
  2. Prime. After moisturizing your lips, use a lip primer all around your lip line. This will keep your lipcolor from bleeding.
  3. Line. You could either use a red lipliner, or a lipliner that mimics your natural lip color. Either way, both methods work great. Start by creating an 'X' on your cupids bow from the peak of your top lip. This will ensure that you wont go outside the lines. Then, start from the middle of your bottom lipline, with short steady strokes, work the liner out to the corners of the mouth and then up around to your top lip.
  4. Fill in lips. With your lipliner, fill the entire lip starting from the middle of your bottom lip outwards. Blend it all in with a lip brush. This will create a base that will grab your lipstick and keep it on longer.
  5. Lipstick. Take a stiff lip liner brush and your red lipstick. Using a lip brush will create nicer and neater lines. Start again from the middle of the bottom lip and work your way out towards the corners of your mouth and then around to the top lip. Really apply your lipstick well and in every nook and cranny because anything not covered will show. Blot any excess off lips with a tissue.
  6. Gloss. You dont have to do this last step, but if you want more of a modern glossy look, apply a red or clear lipgloss on top of the lipstick. Pat gloss on to the middle of your lips. This will create the illusion of a fuller and more plump lip. You could also take a highlighter of your choice and apply it to the cupids bow for added definition.
  7. Correct. If you went a little outside of the lines, thats ok. Just take a small concealer brush with your favorite concealer (cream works best) and erase any stray marks to really perfect your lip.
  8. The Finger Trick. To avoid any of your lipcolor from getting all over your teeth, do the finger trick! Take your index finger, stick it in your mouth, create an 'O' shape with your lips, and pull your finger out. This will wipe off any lipcolor that went too far inside your mouth. Be sure to wash your finger after!
There you go! The classic red lip! Not too difficult right? Perfect practice, makes perfect!

Products I would recommend:
  • Dior Gentle Exfoliant w/ Pure Lily Extract
  • MAC Lip Conditioner w/ SPF 15 plus Lavender
  • MAC Lip Primer
  • MUD Lipliner in Red (used on model)
  • MUD Lipstick in Lady Bug (orange based, used on model)
  • Photographer: Marlowe Holt
  • Model: Justine Stevens

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