Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Impression: Incoco Nail Polish Applique

Since I was starting to get back into doing my nails... I decided I would try these nail polish sticker thingys I got as a sample from Septembers Birchbox. I have seen so many people using the Sally Hansen ones and say that they love it so I figured, why not give it a go!

Incoco Nail Polish Applique in 'Femme Fatale' $8.99

Real nail polish stickies that are pre-made and pre-designed with a base coat, color and top coat in each nail sticky. You can shape them to your nail and file off the excess with a nail file. No need to wait for drying and you can do your nails in minutes! Anywhere, anytime!

First Impression
I know I suck badly at painting my nails with real nail polish, so I thought these stickers would be a lot easier... but apparently... I also suck at putting stickers on my nails too! They didnt take nearly as long as if you had to paint your nails, it took me about 10-15 minutes to apply all of them. However, they claim that you can stretch them, shape them, and reapply them, but I dont think they quite lived up to that claim =( When I did them, once I put them on my nail, it was STUCK there. If I tried to take it off and reapply, it would stretch and get wrinkled.. not so pretty.. Also, I tried to file off the excess on the sides of the nail since the stickers were too big, and they wouldnt file off nicely, so I just ended up pushing it in. I also felt like you can tell they are stickers and not actual nail polish, but it might have been the leopard print design that threw me off.

Overall Thoughts
Would I purchase it again and give it another try? Probably, since it only took me 10-15 minutes. I saw some really cute designs on their website which might suit me a little better than the leopard print. They also have solid colors and french tips in various colors and glitters. Im unsure about how long these things will last on my nail, or if they chip like regular nail polish.. I guess only time will tell!

Whats your take on nail polish stickers? Have you tried any?

Until next time! Over and Out!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Fall Lip Balm: Korres Lip Butter 'Wild Rose'

Ive had this lip balm for about a year and half now, its the Korres Lip Butter in 'Wild Rose' and I used it a lot at first and then I kind of forgot about it. But, since I was experimenting with Fall lip colors recently, I rediscovered this little gem that works perfectly for the Fall season! Especially if you're a little hesitant when it comes to darker lip colors or even reds, this is the product to try.

It works well just on its own, because it gives your lips a flushed plummy red color which is not bold at all, more like a tint. It looks really dark in the jar, but it goes on very lightly and sheer. It moisturizes amazingly well with Shea Butter and Rice Wax. Plus, Korres is an "all natural" brand, so you know its good for your lips! The texture feels literally like butter and it goes on so smoothly. It also has a shiny finish so its almost like a lip balm and gloss in one!

These lipbalms are so worth it. They condition your lips very well and they arent greasy or feel cakey. They are great to use on their own, but they could also be paired with a gloss if you want that added "oomph!". However, I would not recommend using these under a lipstick. The texture is sooo creamy that it creates too much movement if you put a lipstick over it. Your lipstick will just slip all over the place and it will be a big mess! Awesome to wear for the Fall Season or if you want a little extra tint to your lips =)

Price: $12 @ Sephora

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nail Polish Obsessed: Essie

I dont know why Ive been so nail polish obsessed recently!! I hardly ever do my nails because all my previous jobs had a "no nail polish rule" so I got used to having my nails bare. But recently I just started getting back into painting them, and I am currently obsessed with Essie Nail Polish!! I love the bottle it comes in, I think its a lot cuter than other nail polish bottles and they have really unique colors!

I went to CVS and Target this past week because I wanted to get a few of the Fall Collection Nail Polishes from Essie. I got 3 out of 4 that I wanted which were Carry On, Very Structured, and Case Study. I was sad that Power Clutch was sold out at both locations, but oh wells, I can always find a dupe for it right?! I also picked up some other colors that caught my eye and the Beauty Secrets Base Coat and Top Coat from Sally's Beauty Supply when I was in San Diego!

Here are the colors I snagged!

L to R: Carry On, Very Structured, and Case Study

L to R: Carry On, Very Structured and Case Study

L to R: Carry On, Very Structured, and Case Study

Carry On - deep burgundy
Very Structured - rusty burnt sienna
Case Study - soft camel beige

These polishes are very opaque, so one coat on your nail and you really get the basic jist of the color. I always do two coats though just to make sure, I feel like they dont chip as fast if you layer the nail polish. They come out really shiny too, I think they are all a cream texture.. (is that a term for nail polish?) they dont have any sparkles in them either, which I kind of like with nail polish. Keep it classic and simple I guess. I currently have on Carry On which is sooo perfect for the Fall Season! Im actually horrible at painting nails so I didnt post a photo of it, but as I get better, Ill include photos =)

Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos were impulsive purchases! But look how pretty they are! How could I not get them! I also thought Chinchilly would be a nice Fall color =)

L to R: Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos

L to R: Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos

L to R: Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos

Chinchilly - granite gray
Turquoise & Caicos - tropical aqua

I had to had to had to get Turquoise & Caicos it was just screaming my name when I went to Target! I basically love anything thats aqua, turquoise, sea foam, mint green, or just anything in that color hue, so this one was right up my alley! Its more of a Summer/Spring color, but I thought I should get it now because these Essie Nail Polishes sell out soooo fast where Im from, its riDONKulous! Chinchilly I bought partly for the name =) Its so fun to say, "Chinchilly!" Ok I might have had too much caffeine today.. just putting it out there!

And these are the Base and Top Coats I had to pick up from Sally's Beauty Supply in San Diego, since we dont have a Sally's in Hawaii, I figured I might as well get it now while I can! These are from Beauty Secrets and the bottles are GARGANTUAN! (is that how you spell it?! Gar-gan-chu-an?! idk! you get what Im trying to say, they're HUGE! last me a lifetime!)

The Essie Polishes were $7.79 each at Target and I believe $7.99 at CVS. I totally forgot how much the Beauty Secrets Base Coat and Top Coat were, but I think they were around $6-$7... Wow! I spent close to $60 on nail stuff! WTH! Yes, being a girl can be very expensive my friends...

Until next time... TaTa!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Eyeko Line and Shine Duo Color Pencil for Eyes

Hey! Im back again! Early this month I went on our honeymoon trip to California and then it was my birthday this past Thursday so I didnt really have much time to blog, but Im back now! I just received my Eyeko Ambassador Gift recently so I decided to give you guys a short review on it. I think they are in the process of revamping their website and launching new products so this particular product isnt on their website anymore =( but hopefully it will be available again soon because Im really liking this product.

Description & Review
Its an eye pencil that works like an eyeliner and eyeshadow in one. You can either use it as a base for eyeshadow or you can line your eyes with them. The duo that I received contained 'Electric Blue' which has a matte finish, and 'Teal' which has a more metallic sparkly finish. Both colors are amazing and highly pigmented. Only thing about this is that you need to set it after application otherwise it will smear. The wierd thing though, is that its really hard to take off, you have to use a waterproof makeup remover in order to get all the product off your eyes. Its a great product for Summer, but since its Fall, I probably wont be using this very much.

Thanks it for this short review! See you all laters!

Eyeko London, Tube Mascara Wardrobe and Eye Make Up