Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yazmo 4-in-1 Rolling Train Case Review *Pic and Content Heavy*

I got my Yazmo 4-in-1 Zebra Print Rolling Train Case almost a month ago now and have been using it for all my jobs that require me to do hairstyling! The case itself has its pros and cons, but for the most part, its really convenient for me.


Front View

  • 3 detachable tiers
  • 1 deep tier with a removable tray
  • Removable dividers (I think its made out of cardboard and styrofoam? Not sure, so dont quote me on that)
  • Set of 3 keys to lock case (dont know how to use it! lol)
  • Ergonomic wheels and handles
  • Buckles on the sides of each tier to lock

    Back View

Entire Case - 29 inches (height) 10 inches (width) 14 inches (length)
Bottom Tier - 15 inches (height) 9 inches (width) 13.5 inches (length)
Individual Tiers - 4 inches (height) 8.75 inches (width) 13.5 inches (length)


Side View
  • It rolls, so you dont have to carry a heavy train case everywhere
  • Stores hair products and tools as well as makeup
  • Customize each individual compartment
  • Each tier can be detached so you dont have to use all 4 tiers
  • Comes with a lock, which I dont know how to use, but it will keep your products safe

  • Dividers dont stay in place well
  • The lining seems like it can easily get damaged and be hard to clean (I think its felt.. not sure..)
  • Trolley handle seems a bit flimsy for that much weight
  • Bad Customer Service! I emailed them twice before I got a response and I didnt get the case until a month after I ordered it and they estimated it to arrive in 3 days.. go figure!


First Tier

First Tier - You can store palettes really well in the first tier because the cover allows about 1.5 inches more than the other tiers. I stored my foundation, corrector, highlight/contour, blush and shadow palettes, face powders, wipes, sprays, hand sanitizer, mints and face primers all in the top tier.


Second Tier
Second Tier - The second tier I divided it into smaller compartments to perfectly store eye liners (gel, cake, liquid and pencil), mascaras, cream and powder highlighters, concealers, eye primers, paint pots, glitters, mascara shield, pencil sharpeners, misc palettes, individual shadows and pigments, cheek tints and powders, bronzers, q-tips, and cotton pads. It was fully stocked and up to the brim of the tray! I was trying to condense and save space =))

Third Tier Unused
Third Tier - This is what an empty tier looks like.. I didnt have to use it, but I probably could if I needed to bring more products with me.


Fourth Tier with removable tray

Removable Tray in Fourth Tier
Fourth Tier (Removable Tray) - This is the removable tray that sits on top of the deep fourth tier. Its slightly taller than the other 3 tiers so I used it to store lipglosses, lipsticks, lip liners, lip balms, lashes (banded and individuals), lash adhesive, tweezers and tiny scissors. You could store a lot more in here but since I have 6 boxes with 60 banded lashes in them I used the middle compartment completely.


Inside the Fourth Tier

Everything I fit in the Fourth Tier
Fourth Tier - This fourth tier is the best for storing hair tools and products as well as your brushes! I love the fourth tier the most because its so deep! I use it to put my curling iron, flat iron, container (bobby pins, clips, hair ties, and hair nets), hair combs and brushes, makeup brushes, hairsprays, heat protectant, shine spray and shine serum. It has elastic bands on the sides to keep your hair products in place =)

Overall Thoughts:
Great for professional and aspiring makeup artists! Its very convenient where you can store all your products, brushes, and hair tools in one case! You could probably use it just to store your makeup collection at home as an alternative if you dont have a huge collection (I tried storing all my makeup in this but it didnt even hold half! lol). The dividers and handle are a bit flimsy and the lining seems like it would be hard to clean. I havent dented it yet and nothing has broke.. so far! The one thing that really bothered me was their poor customer service... very slow response.

What kind of cases do you use?


Jessy said...

it looks good, but since im not a professional like you, i dont think i'll need a big train case like i do like a smaller one i got wal-mart like ages ago...i do luv zebra print~~~and i hate bad customer service, like hello, im paying you, the least you can do is be nice to me~~~

btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky, come and sign up~


Red lips, Black hair said...

OK WHOA. Ok, seriously, brain cannot compute the awesomeness of this train case. Lousy customer service=fail though. :/

Janalyn said...

Yeah... the customer service kind of killed it for me =( its been working great though! Only thing hard about it is getting it in my car! lol