Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wanted Wednesday Special: MAC Surf, Baby! Collection

Hey All! Im back!! Sorry I was M.I.A. for a bit, but as most of you know... I got married on Sunday!! Yay!! It was so fun and Im so happy it all turned out great! Ill post a few pics as soon as I get them =)

But I am also excited because tomorrow, the new MAC Summer Collection is coming out, called Surf, Baby! and I cant wait!! I havent done a Wanted Wednesdays for pretty much this entire month because I was saving up for the big day, but now that its all over.. I can finally breathe and treat myself to a much anticipated collection =))

Here are my wants from this collection: (hold on because there are a lot of wants, sorry!!)

Crushed Metallic Pigments 'Summer Stash' and 'Surf the Ocean' $32.50 each
Ive never tried any of MAC's pigments before so I think this is a great way to test them out! The colors are all so gorgeous!

Lipsticks in 'Mocha' and 'Hibiscus' $15.50 each
MAC Lipsticks are awesome as it is, and the color I really want is 'Hibiscus'! What a vibrant coral! 'Mocha' I want just because Im always drawn to natural lipsticks =)

Lipglass in 'Good Lovin', 'Strange Potion' and 'Krazy Kahuna' $15.50 each
'Strange Potion' and 'Krazy Kahuna' seem to be matched with 'Hibiscus' and 'Mocha' so I might as well try them both! 'Good Lovin' just looks like a pretty peachy color to have!

Cheek Powder $28
I might or might not get this... It all comes down to how it swatches in store (cross my fingers!) but I love the Hibiscus flower on this powder!

Powerpoint Eye Pencil 'Blue Noon' $15.50
I always love colored eye pencils and so far, the powerpoint pencils have been working pretty well for me, so why not get this gorgeous color!

Nail Laquer in 'Hangin Loose' and 'Ocean Dip' $15.00 each
The first time I tried MAC's nail laquers was from the 'Quite Cute' Collection and they really wore well, which is why I am planning on getting these two babys!

Bronzer Stick in 'Tan-Tint' $29.50
Ive been tossing and turning on getting the Nars Multiple for soooo loooong! But now that MAC is coming out with these little bronzer sticks, its a must try!

Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder in 'Gold-Go-Lightly' $28
Even though I have my favorite powder bronzers, these are said to be 'Natural Matte', and I only have one matte powder bronzer, so I think this is worth a try =)

Are you getting anything from this collection? If so, what are your picks?


Red lips, Black hair said...

Congratulations hunny!!!

Jesa said...

I'm thinking a cheek powder. love mac! Ah, lovely blog!
x, Jesa

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I didn't really want anything from this the first time I looked, but Hibiscus is now calling my name! I hope your wedding was awesome! I'd love to see the pics!