Friday, September 23, 2011

Nail Polish Obsessed: Essie

I dont know why Ive been so nail polish obsessed recently!! I hardly ever do my nails because all my previous jobs had a "no nail polish rule" so I got used to having my nails bare. But recently I just started getting back into painting them, and I am currently obsessed with Essie Nail Polish!! I love the bottle it comes in, I think its a lot cuter than other nail polish bottles and they have really unique colors!

I went to CVS and Target this past week because I wanted to get a few of the Fall Collection Nail Polishes from Essie. I got 3 out of 4 that I wanted which were Carry On, Very Structured, and Case Study. I was sad that Power Clutch was sold out at both locations, but oh wells, I can always find a dupe for it right?! I also picked up some other colors that caught my eye and the Beauty Secrets Base Coat and Top Coat from Sally's Beauty Supply when I was in San Diego!

Here are the colors I snagged!

L to R: Carry On, Very Structured, and Case Study

L to R: Carry On, Very Structured and Case Study

L to R: Carry On, Very Structured, and Case Study

Carry On - deep burgundy
Very Structured - rusty burnt sienna
Case Study - soft camel beige

These polishes are very opaque, so one coat on your nail and you really get the basic jist of the color. I always do two coats though just to make sure, I feel like they dont chip as fast if you layer the nail polish. They come out really shiny too, I think they are all a cream texture.. (is that a term for nail polish?) they dont have any sparkles in them either, which I kind of like with nail polish. Keep it classic and simple I guess. I currently have on Carry On which is sooo perfect for the Fall Season! Im actually horrible at painting nails so I didnt post a photo of it, but as I get better, Ill include photos =)

Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos were impulsive purchases! But look how pretty they are! How could I not get them! I also thought Chinchilly would be a nice Fall color =)

L to R: Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos

L to R: Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos

L to R: Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos

Chinchilly - granite gray
Turquoise & Caicos - tropical aqua

I had to had to had to get Turquoise & Caicos it was just screaming my name when I went to Target! I basically love anything thats aqua, turquoise, sea foam, mint green, or just anything in that color hue, so this one was right up my alley! Its more of a Summer/Spring color, but I thought I should get it now because these Essie Nail Polishes sell out soooo fast where Im from, its riDONKulous! Chinchilly I bought partly for the name =) Its so fun to say, "Chinchilly!" Ok I might have had too much caffeine today.. just putting it out there!

And these are the Base and Top Coats I had to pick up from Sally's Beauty Supply in San Diego, since we dont have a Sally's in Hawaii, I figured I might as well get it now while I can! These are from Beauty Secrets and the bottles are GARGANTUAN! (is that how you spell it?! Gar-gan-chu-an?! idk! you get what Im trying to say, they're HUGE! last me a lifetime!)

The Essie Polishes were $7.79 each at Target and I believe $7.99 at CVS. I totally forgot how much the Beauty Secrets Base Coat and Top Coat were, but I think they were around $6-$7... Wow! I spent close to $60 on nail stuff! WTH! Yes, being a girl can be very expensive my friends...

Until next time... TaTa!


Vee said...

Heya !! These colours are gorgeous ! I4m just like you, everytime I see something blue or turquoise I feel faint !!! I must have about 10 blue eyeshadows in different shades !
I think the polish I like the most that you picked up is the "very structured" I've never seen a colour like this before =)

xxx Vee

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Nice colours! I hate the no nail polish at work rule. :(