Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Fall Lip Balm: Korres Lip Butter 'Wild Rose'

Ive had this lip balm for about a year and half now, its the Korres Lip Butter in 'Wild Rose' and I used it a lot at first and then I kind of forgot about it. But, since I was experimenting with Fall lip colors recently, I rediscovered this little gem that works perfectly for the Fall season! Especially if you're a little hesitant when it comes to darker lip colors or even reds, this is the product to try.

It works well just on its own, because it gives your lips a flushed plummy red color which is not bold at all, more like a tint. It looks really dark in the jar, but it goes on very lightly and sheer. It moisturizes amazingly well with Shea Butter and Rice Wax. Plus, Korres is an "all natural" brand, so you know its good for your lips! The texture feels literally like butter and it goes on so smoothly. It also has a shiny finish so its almost like a lip balm and gloss in one!

These lipbalms are so worth it. They condition your lips very well and they arent greasy or feel cakey. They are great to use on their own, but they could also be paired with a gloss if you want that added "oomph!". However, I would not recommend using these under a lipstick. The texture is sooo creamy that it creates too much movement if you put a lipstick over it. Your lipstick will just slip all over the place and it will be a big mess! Awesome to wear for the Fall Season or if you want a little extra tint to your lips =)

Price: $12 @ Sephora


Delyteful Speaks said...

Oh I love Korres lip butters.. I have Quince and Wild Rose and both are amazing shades!

Blusherine said...

Hi Janalyn, I've been meaning to try these Korres lip butters for ages, but it seems like they are never available, wherever I travel! Will have to order online sometime soon! :-)

VijiiS said...

Okay, I need this in my life. Thanks so much for the review!

aly7 said...

hey i just awarded your blog with ht true beauty blog award you can find out more here-

Red lips, Black hair said...

OOooo what a lovely stain, it looks so pretty on your lips!