Saturday, February 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Yung Rizzo and J Fran

Jose Dumlao III aka Yung Rizzo is from San Jose, California who released his first mixtape back in 2008 and has since been rising to the top as one of the most talented Asian American music artists. He got his degree in Sociology at San Jose State University and has family that lives in Hawaii as well. He has toured throughout the states as well as the Philippines and Hawaii gaining fans and creating buzz for his versatility and ability to reach a broad audience. He not only is a rapper but also a talented songwriter and producer for Fly High Music Group. His brother is also the creator of 'Ps and Qs' urban clothing line which is popular in the Bay Area and will be sold for the first time on by the end of this year. Yung Rizzo's first album 'Back of My Mind' is being released also this year but his first single off the album called 'Game Over' is now available to download on iTunes and Rhapsody. Enjoy!

To learn more about Yung Rizzo and hear his other songs, visit his website @ Yung Rizzo
For Ps and Qs clothing line --> Ps and Qs

James Francisco aka J. Fran is originally from San Diego, California and now resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was an accomplished basketball player winning player of the year in San Diego when he was in high school and went on to play for Cuyamaca CC and then Chaminade University to get his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He had the opportunity to play basketball in the Philippines first when he graduated high school and then after when he graduated Chaminade. He had a challenging upbringing and has came to overcome all that he has been through. James always had a passion for music but never thought it would become a reality, he is now working on releasing his first mixtape, and he is now part of Fly High Music Group with artist Yung Rizzo. This is the first song ever released by J. Fran feat. Yung Rizzo called 'My Time'. Check it out!

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