Friday, February 4, 2011

January Favorites

How many of you love to shop? I know I do!! I am always scouting out the best beauty products on the market whether its online, in store, sampling, swatching, etc. Like most of you, I am on a tight budget, but I always set a side a particular amount every month to spend on beauty products and I always have a list ready. I keep track of the products I Need, Want, and Try so I dont overspend or buy something I already have. So, for this month I will give you an overview of my January favorites, or just products I am currently loving =)

(in no particular order)

Nars Lovejoy
  • Nars Blush in 'Lovejoy'
I have so many Nars blushes, but this is my favorite at the moment. It has kind of a mauve pink look to it when you put it on with gold flecks that give your cheeks an instant glow! It isnt too strong so its great for an everyday blush where you just want a hint of color. I have been using this color everyday for the past couple of months because its just so pretty! I found its best used on fair to medium skintones otherwise it just acts as an illuminator for darker skintones. I did notice they upped their prices by $1 this year =( the norm for most cosmetic companies, but c'mon!

Price: $27

Mac prep and prime lip
  • MAC Prep + Prime Lip
This is a must have for anyone! This product isnt talked about a lot but I have fell in love with it and will probably be using this for a while until I find something better! It fills in lines, smooths lips, amplifies lipstick and lipgloss color, and helps to prevent lipsticks from staining. Great for any age, definetly would recommend if you have dry lips or if you have a lot of lines. For photoshoots I have been using this when there are many lipcolor changes because it helps when you need to wipe off lipstick, kind of acts like a shield for your lips.

Price: $14.50

Mac Cream Cup
  • MAC Lipstick in 'Cream Cup'
This month was the first time I have ever used MAC lipsticks. I know I know.. being a makeup artist, I should have right? The reason being is because I had sooo many other lipstick colors in my huge makeup pile that I never needed any other lipsticks since I had pretty much every single color. I finally gave in and bought 'Cream Cup' for a photoshoot I was doing, and it is such a pretty pretty color! Its a light pink color which gives you that sort of Kim Kardashian pout. Its creamy and moisturizing and tends to last pretty long considering its creaminess. I think anyone could use this color mixed with the right eyeshadow and blush.

Price: $14.50

Dior Skinflash
  • Dior Skinflash in 'Candlelight'
I always had this product in my makeup stash but never started really liking it until now. Since I dont get much sleep, like a lot of us out there, I started noticing some dark circles forming under my eye and I couldnt find the right consistency or color concealer to brighten my eyes. This works miracles! I use it for my undereye circles, around my nose to conceal redness, and between my eyebrows for an added highlight. It is multi purpose so you can either use it for concealing dark circles, redness, or anywhere else you might need a bit of a glow and its light reflecting! Not good for blemish though so dont try using it cover acne, scars, or major discolorations because it will not cover. They dont have a color for darker skintones but the #3 works well with medium skintones, #2 works with light and medium with yellow undertones, and #1 works well with fair to light skintones with a pink undertone.

Price: $36

Mark Mist Opportunity
  • Mark Mist Opportunity Spray
This is a great spray for setting makeup as well as moisturizing! I have pretty sensitive skin and this does not make me break out but it does moisturize surprisingly well for a spray! It doesnt leave your face greasy but just refreshed. It is alcohol-free and it contains a bunch of natural ingredients like kiwi and grapefruit which also helps to prevent deter free radicals like pollution. Great alternative to MAC's Fix+ Spray! I think if your on a budget go with the Mark spray, anyone can use it and smells good too!

Price: $8

Clinique 7 Day Scrub
  • Clinique 7 Day Scrub
I would use this scrub off and on because I had another scrub I was trying to use up before I tried this one. I have always been hesitant to try Clinique products but this scrub is great to use once or twice a week leaving your skin feeling silky smooth after. Its a bit more on the rougher side than some scrubs that are sometimes more gentle and creamy but for me it works well. It lasts really long too, you only need about a dime size to scrub your entire face, you could even use it to exfoliate your body but considering the size, it would run out a lot faster.

Price: $18.50

Gilly Hicks Calla Bluff
  • Gilly Hicks Hand and Body Lotion in 'Calla Bluff'
I absolutely just love love love the scent of this lotion! It doesnt smell fruity or flowery but it just smells fresh! Also, it isnt super thick so you arent left with that greasy, slippery feeling on your body but it moisturizes amazingly. They are pretty affordable also, I bought mines online when it was 40% off so it was 40% off of 3 for $15 so it was like $3 a piece! They have other scents also which are nice but my favorite is Calla Bluff. Who would have thought Gilly Hicks would sell great body lotion? I didnt!

Price: 3 for $15

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell Smoothing Shampoo
Now I know this product might seem a bit on the expensive side, but at Walmart you can get it for a great deal! Shampoo is the most essential part of haircare so you want one that is perfect for your own hair and the results you want. My hair can be poofy and frizzy but this shampoo leaves my hair soft, silky, healthy, and it also straightens it a bit. I even air dry my hair and it still doesnt poof up anymore! The only thing to be careful of is that you need to wash it out thoroughly otherwise you will have some product left on the hair which could cause it to feel heavy. Great for those of you that have coarse, dry or frizzy hair and you want to tame it down a bit.

Price: $11.48 @ Walmart

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