Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Post: San Lorenzo Bikinis


This is just a quick post... I did a photoshoot a couple months ago for San Lorenzo Brazilian Bikinis with photographer Joe (JFD Photography) whom I have worked with numerous times, and his photos always come out so gorgeous, he really knows how to capture beauty... With models Casey and Yvonne who didnt even need much makeup since they were both so naturally beautiful! So, I wanted to share with all of you lovely people how the shoot turned out =)) It was for their Winter 2012 Collection!! Their bikinis are soooo cute!! I have always been a big fan of their collections!

Check it out --> 

San Lorenzo now has a total of 8 stores across Hawaii, and their bikinis are now being sold globally! Amazing! Theres still time to get your cute bikini for summer =))


Blusherine said...

I just looked through the pictures, you did a great job! You're right, the girls are natural beauties, and the makeup is defining their features without adding too much! Well done!

Janalyn said...

Thank you Blusherine!!

Janalyn said...

It was an early early day to start.. 5am!! ahh!! Didnt even sleep the night before because I was afraid I wouldnt wake up, so I drank a ton of coffee and stayed up the whole night waiting for the shoot to start lol