Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen, Fat Balm, and Liptastik

Eyeko means 'Love' in Japanese, but it is also a cosmetics brand from London! Ive seen and heard about their products before, but never actually tried it until about a month ago, and I was sooo happy I was able to try them =) They have great great products that are sooooo affordable, and they are all so cute and fun! Hope you enjoy!

 Graffiti Eyeliner Pen $8

This product was my FAVORITE out of the bunch! It is the most EASIEST liquid liner that I have used EVER! It looks just like a pen, so it can give you the straightest lines and perfect cat eyes! Sometimes with liquid liners, the lines are hard to get even because the liquid will come out in clumps, but this doesnt at all, it stays moist throughout application!

Another great thing, it lasts allllll dayyyyyy looooong and will not flake like other liquid liners! The quality of this product is top notch, and with a price of $8, you really cant go wrong. I would buy this even if it was $20!

Fat Balm Strawberry with SPF 15 $10

If you are shy about bold lips, this is the best product to test the waters with! Its a lip balm, but it has a stronger tint than most lip balms I have tried. The Strawberry one that I got has a slightly red tint to it which is not too bold, but you can still tell that there's color on your lips! The finish of this product is awesome! It has little flecks in it and it makes your lips look slightly glossy! You wouldnt need lipstick or lipgloss with this product, it looks amazing all on its own! I am dying to try the other colors and flavors they have available! Also, it smells great too!

Liptastik in 'Hot Lips' and Lip Lover' $10

These glossy lip pencils are soooo convenient! They are a lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss all wrapped up to make one fabulous product! The color on these pencils are so intense and soooo gorgeous! Although I love wearing bold lips, my day job doesnt allow me to wear these, but they are so perfect for a night out with the girls or a date night with my husband =) They are easy to apply and so pretty! 'Hot Lips' is a bright fuschia color, and 'Lip Lover' looks more like an orange based red when worn. Both gorgeous colors! Oh, and they last long too considering their glossiness =) I found these are best worn alone without lipbalm because it tends to give too much slip.

Hot Lips
Lip Lover
Overall Thoughts

These are definetly products where you dont really need to think to buy. The packaging is cute, the price is right, and their products are just amazing! I think most of their products are made for functionality purposes, where its easy to use and you can use them on the go. Perfect for those of you who have busy lifestyles and are on-the-go a lot.. like ME!

Have you tried any Eyeko products? If you have, what did you think? If you havent, TRY IT! lol

*This review contains products that were sent to the blogger by Eyeko. However, all photos, thoughts and opinions are totally my own and I was not paid in anyway to do this review or say any particular thing about the products shown. Thank you!

Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!


Larie said...

Those lip pencils are seriously gorgeous! Love the shine factor. Where can you purchase these in the states?

aly7 said...

Looks like great stuff! Love that tinted lip balm.

Janalyn said...

Larie - I think right now its only available online =(

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

My favourite things here are the Liptastik pencils.

aly7 said...

hi janalyn- please check out my giveaway on my blog-


Blusherine said...

Hi Janalyn,
I have not tried anything from Eyeko so far, but I've been meaning to! I've heard so many good things about that highlighting cream, or is it an eye cream, I don't remember!
Anyway, those lip pencils look fantastic!!

Catharina said...

oou, i want those lipsticks!

Vee said...

I've wanted to give a try to this graffiti liner but never really did .. I think you convinced me =) And these lip pens look absolutely gorgeous !! I'm gona check out their website (I dont know where to buy them in London) and probablyp lace my first order =)

xxx Vee