Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime Looks and Inspiration from Shopstyle

Just a fun fashion post!

Look by Me

Dressing Room #149: Safari Stay
Betsey Johnson, Givenchy, Jonathan Adler, Murano
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Look by Alyssa23


SS July Birthday Parties: Calm And Beautiful
Blu Bijoux, Blu Bijoux, Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu
Happy Birthday July Babies!!! This entire look is for you...I hope you are enjoying your birthday celebration in Bora-Bora!

Look by bnl

SS July Birthday Parties:Calm And Beautiful
Cat Eye, Milly, Dini's, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I know I have been in and out for a few months but I have not forgotten about you girls and boys....

Look by MashiaraQCS

Look by Binky

SS Olinia's Hawaii Party & The Other Girl Next Door #23: Beach Bum
Karen Walker, Dana Buchman, Roberta Chiarella
And here comes another combo! ;p I hope you don't mind, Olinia Estelle and Dolores Haze, but life has gotten so busy lately that I...


Vintage Makeup said...

Love the one you did!

blac said...

Hi Janalyn
This is bnl I came across your blog by accident. It is such an honor to have my sb on your blog. You are so talented.

Melissa Vergara said...

sooooooo cute! everything! love it all :)