Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: (seed) Bodycare

Hello Beautiful People!

So sorry again I have been gone for so long =( But I have a new great product to talk about that I have been using for the past couple of months, and I have been wanting to review it since I got it!

This brand contacted me back in... April I believe, and they sent me a few products to try out =) It was the first time any company has asked me to try their products, so I was really really excited about it! Even more so when I got the products because I ended up loving them!

(seed) Bodycare is a 100% natural brand, which I believe is sold at Whole Foods and a few drugstores. I never heard of this brand before being contacted by them, so I didnt know what to expect. Fortunately, all the products ended up working really great!

From Left to Right: Body Cream 'Invigorating Citrus', Body Lotion 'Lavendar and Sage', Healthy Hand Cream Fragrance Free

Body Cream 'Invigorating Citrus'

Great body cream if you have really dry skin. I tend to get really dry to the point where my skin will start cracking a bit, but using this body cream everyday has really helped to make my skin, especially my legs look a lot smoother! I use this in the mornings because it has that nice Citrus smell, which is an instant 'pick me upper'! I tend to get headaches if I smell a fragrance that is too strong, but this is really light and not overpowering!

Body Lotion 'Lavendar and Sage'

I looove the smell of Lavendar, but I was weary of the Sage part.. At first I didnt really like the smell of the Sage, but I found that it has a sort of spa like affect when you use it! I use this one mainly at night, right before going to bed. Its very very lightweight and doesnt feel all sticky and greasy like some lotions do, which is kind of a pet peeve I have with lotions. It sinks right into the skin and makes you feel relaxed! Just what I need after a loooong day =)

Healthy Hand Cream 'Fragrance-Free'

Usually hand creams for me have never really won me over, just because I dont like that gross slimy feeling after using it and then you cant grab anything because your hands feel like you just rubbed butter all over them. However, this hand cream, although its thick, it doesnt leave a residue! Being a makeup artist, I have to sanitize my hands very very often, and because of it, my hands get really dry and my cuticles are just horrible. This product makes my hands feel so soft! The only downfall about the fragrance free, is that it has that typical lotion smell, which isnt bad, but would be better if it had a nice light fragrance.


Body Cream 'Invigorating Citrus' Ingredients

Body Lotion 'Lavendar and Sage' Ingredients

Healthy Hand Cream Ingredients

*This review contains products that were sent to me by the company. The opinions in this review are entirely my own and I was not paid a single penny do this post or to say anything about these products or the company =)


VijiiS said...

The Lavender and Sage fragrance sounds heavenly!

Red lips, Black hair said...

Oh all the ingredients look delicious! I love all natural body products! I'm gonna have to check out this brand, thank you!:)

Red lips, Black hair said...

PS...Glad to see you back!<3