Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Tarte neutralEYES Palette and 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush

Hey everyone!

I have been dying to try the Tarte 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blushes FOREVER and I finally ordered them online! I bought the neutralEYES palette along with it since Ive never tried any of their e/s before, I thought, what the heck, I love palettes, so I might as well give it a go!

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush 'Dollface' and 'Tipsy' $25 each

Dollface: Light baby pink
Tipsy: Coral pink

I heard so many great things about these blushes, and now I know why! Both colors are so pretty, and they do stay on very very long. I wouldnt really say it stays on for 12-hours straight, but it does stay on for an entire workday (8 hours). It did fade a bit towards the evening time.. The texture is very powdery and goes on a bit sheer, so is easy to build, and its great for layering over a cream blush! Which also makes it last a bit longer =) I use 'Dollface' for work almost everyday! It gives me a natural youthful blushing kind of look, very subtle. 'Tipsy' is a little brighter coral pink color thats perfect for a summer daytime look!

'Tipsy' and 'Dollface' swatches

neutralEYES Natural Eyeshadow Palette II $44

Ok, to tell you the truth, I was very disappointed with this palette =( I tried so many different ways to make this palette work, but it just didnt cut it for me... The cool thing though about this palette is that the top row of 5 shadows are all matte, the bottom 5 colors are all shimmer, and it comes in a cute case! However, the colors all came out a little muddy, and just kind of... 'blah!'. The light colors all come out looking the same, even with a primer underneath (I tried 3 different primers). The brown colors came out a little more pigmented, I think just because they are darker colors, but still a bit muddy, and the light shimmery ones are more shimmer than color. Oh.. so sad =( still going to try and make it work though =))

It also came with an emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner in 'Brown' which is not bad.. Its very innovative to have a gel liner in a pencil form, but it goes on really wet, which I would not recommend for the waterline (it will get in your eyes). It did stay on for pretty long though.. The Lifted Eye Primer is a bit thick and a little too dry for me, so I still prefer the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or the UD Primer Potion.

First 4 colors on the left
Other 6 colors on the right (sorry I swatched it a bunch before this photo was taken)

Overall Thoughts:

The Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes are awesome! I am definetly buying other colors of this! The neutralEYES palette, didnt work so well for me, but maybe Im just using it the wrong way or not with the right products, dont know, but its still a work in progress for making this palette work =) The aqua-gel liner, worked ok, might try other colors in the future. The Lifted Eye Primer, probably wont buy the full size and just stick to the ones I currently love.

Have you tried any of these products? or any products from Tarte that you love too?


Delyteful Speaks said...

I need tipsy in my life!!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I think I might buy the neutralEYES palette just for the packaging!

Janalyn said...

Delyteful Speaks - Tipsy is definetly very pretty! I think its their number 1 color for these blushes

Vulcan_Butterfly - Thats the reason why I was suckered into this palette! lol