Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mark Haul! Swatches and Review!

Happy Easter!!!! Ok I told myself I wasnt going to spend anymore this month on makeup products, buuuuut because I had a credit on Avon I decided to try some Mark products!!! I just got my order in yesterday and I tried them ALL because I was soooo excited =) Here are my thoughts!

mark. Lipclick Full Color Lipstick $10/ .106 oz

From Left to Right: Coral Fixation, Sweetie Pie, and Bare Hug

Coral Fixation: Bright deep pink when worn instead of an orangy pink
Sweetie Pie: Light baby pink
Bare Hug: My new favorite natural lipstick! Natural beige

From Top To Bottom: Bare Hug, Sweetie Pie and Coral Fixation

Wear: They are all full coverage lipsticks, very pigmented, and they go on very smoothly! They have a glossy finish which is really pretty! I didnt have a problem with them settling into any lines on my lips which is great, and they seemed to be moisturizing. They are very comparable to the MAC Cremesheens. The only downer is that they arent long lasting, so if you eat or drink anything, you will have to reapply. They come in a cute case with a magnetic cap! You wont have a problem with the cap falling off when its jumbling inside your purse =)

On a Scale of 1-10: 9

mark. Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint $8/ .14oz
Left to Right: Peachy and Nude
Peachy: Peachy pink
Nude: Bronzy beige

From Top to Bottom: Nude blended, Nude swatched, Peachy blended, Peachy Swatched
Wear: These are very sheer blush tints that give you a nice little glow. I use these as a base color for powder blush or bronzer because they dont give a whole lot of color unless you apply a lot. They go on smoothly and are very easy to blend. They are like the Nars Multiples accept less pigmented and they come in a smaller tube, probably like half the Nars Multiple. The Nude is great if you just want a little bronzy look, and the peachy looks great on the apples for a nice flushed look. Both very natural looking, probably best on fair to medium skintones.

On a Scale of 1-10: 8

mark. Glowdacious Illuminating Powder $12/ .40oz
Amped Up
Amped Up: The center is a matte bronze color, second ring is a bronzy gold shimmer and the outter ring is a peachy bronze shimmer.

Wear: This is an awesome awesome bronzer that I am soooo glad I got because it gives you such a nice bronzy glow!! Its very pigmented so you want to apply this product sparingly. Great for contouring the cheek or even just to use as a blush. If you apply it with just a wash it has a peachy tint to it which warms up your face. They have two other colors also but this one I feel could work on all skintones. It comes with a mirror and a brush too, the brush I am not a fan of because its too stiff and it applies too much product.

On a Scale of 1-10: 10

mark. Matte-nificent Oil Absorbing Powder $12/ .38oz
Wear: Its a translucent pressed powder which absorbs oil and mattifies your face. Great product for people who have oily or combination skin. It isnt drying at all which is a big plus and it goes on very light and sheer so it looks very natural. It comes with a sponge applicator which I found works good for the T-zone or more oily areas, but I like using a powder fluff brush to apply it on the rest of my face to set my foundation or any cream products. Lasts very long throughout the day! I wore it for about 6 hours last night and my face stayed shine free!!

On a Scale of 1-10: 8
mark. Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 $10/ 1.7oz
Wear: Great wearability! I really dont like wearing liquid foundations because they feel so heavy and Im a natural kinda gal so I like products that look like your not wearing anything. This is definetly the product for that! I used it over a moisturizer just because tinted moisturizer dont seem to really be very moisturizing, and it lasts all day long! It has very sheer coverage but it evens out your skintone to make it look like you dont have anything on. The only problem I had was around my nose and mouth area where it was harder to blend in. I found that using a foundation brush gave me a more even finish, whereas when I used my fingers they tended to clump up in areas. It didnt crease throughout the day, and it has SPF!

On a Scale of 1-10: 8
mark. Make It Go Away Makeup Removing Wipes $8/ 30 wipes

Usage: I got these on a whim because I use sooo many of my MAC wipes, I thought why not try something more affordable. Boy was I surprised at how well these wipes work!! They come with 30 wipes and I swear they stay moist for so so long, I left a wipe out for about 3o minutes and it was still wet! They take off your face makeup remarkably well and they are gentle enough to use around the eye area. Havent seen if it takes off waterproof products yet, but I like using a cotton pad or cotton swab for waterproof products anyways. It doesnt leave an oily residue like the MAC ones tend to which I loooove because of my oily combination skin!! These are probably the best wipes I have tried thus far =)

On a Scale of 1-10: 10

mark. Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion $18/ 1.7oz

Usage: Ive used this product 3 times in the past two days and I am really liking it so far! It hasnt made me breakout for one, and it does matify your face! It has a lot of natural ingredients in it which I think is even better! And it even has Witch Hazel, which is a natural moisturizer =) The only thing I dont care for is the pump. You have to press the top down and the product comes out through a small hole on the top. I could see this being a problem or malfunctioning in the future, plus you might waste a lot of product towards the end. But, so far so good for this one!

On a Scale of 1-10: 8

Overall: I think these products are great for the price! Although they dont come with a whole ton of product, they work amazingly well and are great for everyday use. I am very happy with what I purchased from this line and will definetly be trying more in the future =)

I would love to know: Have you tried this line before? What did you think?


Peach Crush said...

wow these are yummy products!!!! i love bare hug illuminating powder and tinted moisturizer! im so in search of this tinted moisturizer but i can't find it in my city

Janalyn said...

Hi Peach Crush! I looove Bare Hug and the Glowdacious is so awesome! I just used it for a beach photoshoot =) That specific tinted moisturizer can be purchased on their website at

Supergirl said...

Wow, it sounds interesting;)
I never tried it before, but I would love to! Thanks for sharing:)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I have tried a couple of things from Mark, namely the cream eyeshadow/liner duos. I thought they were terrible, they didn't work well on me at all! I have had my eye on the Matte-nificent Oil Absorbing powder because it is a great price for a blotting powder.

Janalyn said...

@Supergirl - Its a great price for the product, so I was surprised that I liked everything I got =)

@Vulcan_Butterfly - Yes! the Matte-nificent works well for me because it doesnt leave that whiteness that most mattifying powders do, and loose powders are always so messy so this one is great for taking with me in my bag!

Red lips, Black hair said...

Great haul! The l/s swatches are lovely! <3

Janalyn said...

Yes the lipsticks I am in love with right now! Im buying more colors soon!

Delyteful Speaks said...

nice swatches! I've never tried their products before.. But I would sure love to give them a go.. Thanks for the post =)