Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Sigma Brush Set 'Make Me Classy'

Price: $99
12 Brushes
Cylinder Case
Free Gift - 1 Travel Sized Blending Brush

I was dying to get new brushes and it was a toss up between getting a Sigma brush set or buying a whole bunch of MAC ones.. In the end, I decided to go outside of my box and try the Sigma ones!! and OMG, I love them! I used them for the first time this past Saturday to do a prom makeover and they were so amazing! (Ill try to get a photo).

They come in a cute sleek black case which is perfect for carrying your brushes and to keep the bristles from getting all feathered out and bent. I chose this set particularly for the case because I hate using brush belts... they never fit me and its hard to see all of your brushes when its hanging below you. The portable case comes apart in two little brush cups where you can stand your brushes up. I like to seperate mines with eye and concealer brushes in one and then face brushes in another so its more organized and easier to find what I am looking for. They come in different colors also which are Purple, Coral and Aqua. I chose black because I like my things looking in unison.

I only put my eye and concealer brushes in the canister though because I have a lot more brushes than just the Sigma ones and they wouldnt hold ALL of them. If I had put my face brushes in there, for one, they wouldnt all fit, and two, when I close it, I wouldnt want any of the bristles getting caught and bent.

The set comes with a total of 12 brushes which are a mix of natural and synthetic bristles. Total bargain for what you get!

Eye/Concealer Brushes: (from left to right)
  • Small Angle E65 (synthetic)
  • Tapered Blending E40 (natural)
  • Medium Angle Shading E70 (natural)
  • Concealer F70 (synthetic)
  • Eye Shading E55 (natural)
  • Large Shader E60 (natural)
  • Pencil E30 (natural)
  • Eyeliner E05 (synthetic)
My favorites out of the eye brushes are the pencil, eyeliner and small angle brushes. Great for smudging the upper and lower lashlines and for a precise line for cream and gel liners as well as filling in spars hairs in your brow. The tapered blending is just okay, its a bit larger than I expected, but still works. The medium angle shading is pretty good, its great for contouring the eye. Concealer, havent tried yet. Eye shading and large shader are both good, gets the job done.

Face Brushes: (from left to right)
  • Foundation F60 (synthetic)
  • Large Angled Contour F40 (natural)
  • Duo Fibre F50 (natural and synthetic blend)
  • Large Powder F30 (natural)
I love all the face brushes! The foundation brush does not streak at all and blends perfectly! The contour brush does just that! It contours! The duo fibre brush is my favorite out of the face brushes because its so soft and it picks up just the right amount of product. Large powder brush I found will shed when you first clean them (clean before using), but the bristles are so soft and great for applying a setting powder.

It also came with a free gift which was a travel sized blending brush S25, which I believe is the E25 in travel size. I think its made out of natural bristles also, but dont quote me on that. I was a little weary about this brush but it actually works very good. Its not as soft as the other brushes so it picks up color great.
I think shipping was free for me because I used a coupon code, which saved me tons! As we all know, shipping to Hawaii can be pretty expensive!

Quick Tip:

When buying online, always try to look for special coupons, discounts, or promotions. If they dont have one at the moment, WAIT, because they usually will sometime in the future. If its a limited edition product then of course if you just have to have it, then buy it. Other than that, coupon codes have saved me a whole lot of money.

But beware of certain coupon codes because sometimes they say 'free shipping' but always read the fine print! Sometimes they exclude Hawaii and Alaska, especially for International Orders, usually you almost always have to pay for shipping. One of my favorite sites to check for coupon codes and discounts is:

What are your favorite brushes? Any thoughts on the Sigma Brushes? Or any tips on how to shop online?


Red lips, Black hair said...

All the brushes look really awesome! Love how full F50 looks.:)

Janalyn said...

Yes they are so awesome!! The F50 is my FAVORITE!! Applies so well and smooth! You can use this brush practically to apply any face products!