Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prom Special: Tips and Tricks!

Prom the Movie
It is supposed to be 'Wanted Wednesdays' here at MakeupbyJanalyn but I ended up making a bunch of unexpected purchases at MAC on Monday because I needed some things for a specific photoshoot I did yesterday and a couple of prom makeovers for this Saturday (I like to give my prom goers a lipgloss to take with them). So... instead of 'Wanted Wednesdays' I decided I wanted to give a few pointers on prom makeup since it is the middle of prom season!! Plus, some of my favorite prom scenes from movies of the past and present =))

  • Get your brows professionally done. If you havent gotten your eyebrows shaped by a professional before, this is definetly the perfect time to do so. Brows make a huge difference in pulling your look together. They shape your face and add definition to your eyes. But, be sure to do this a few days ahead of time so you can avoid any redness or irritation, and then pluck stray hairs the night before if necessary.
Never Been Kissed
  • Prep your skin the day/night before. Exfoliate your face the night before (St. Ives Apricot Scrub is great) so your foundation will go on smoother. If you have really dry lips, apply a lipbalm at night and that morning to avoid any cracking or chapping.
  • Shes All That
  • Its ok to use colors! Prom is supposed to be fun! Your still youthful so you can pull off wearing bright colors on your eyes. I know one of the number one rules for makeup is never to have your makeup too matchy-matchy with your outfit, but I feel like prom is an exception to the rule. If your accessories are neutral and your hair is out of your face, you can still look polished and classy. But always remember, if you go colorful on the eyes, tone it done on the lips, and vice versa.
    10 Things I Hate About You
  • Dont go heavy on the foundation. You want your skin to look as natural as possible. Its prom, not your wedding. If your foundation is too caked on, it will make you appear older, and I am sure your date wouldnt want to look like he went to prom with his mother. Keep it fresh and light. If you have problems with acne, dont worry, your makeup doesnt have to be heavy in order to conceal blemishes.
    American Pie
  • Bring a small touchup kit. If you know your going to be dancing the night away, or you have oily skin, take some blotting papers. They are compact and small enough to fit in a clutch. Also, bring some tinted lipgloss. If you are eating and drinking (non-alcoholic beverages of course) before picture taking time, you want to easily be able to slap on some color right before its time to snap that photo.
  • Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You dont want to look back at your prom photos and see raccoon eyes! Your going to be wearing your makeup for a considerable amount of time while your dancing, laughing, chatting with friends and possible going to an after party, so using waterproof mascara (false lashes are best) and eyeliner is a must to keep your look pulled together.

Napolean Dynamite

Alright ladies!! That's all I got on tips to help you avoid any boo-boos during your prom!! Now go out and have funnnnn!!!

Any other tips you want to share? or stories from your own prom? Photos? I would love to hear about it =)


Red lips, Black hair said...

I totally lol'd when I saw your pic choice for the brows!

Janalyn said...

I love Josie Grossie!! I call my dog that sometimes HAHA!