Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank You!! and Feedback Please!!

Photo taken by: Orlando Benedicto

To all of my amazing followers and friends,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you for taking an interest in my beauty blog!!! I could talk about makeup all day every day, and I pretty much do to my, oh so patient boyfriend, which is basically the reason why I started this blog in the first place! So I could meet people just like you who love makeup the way I do =))

I would really appreciate it if you would be able to give me some feedback! I love hearing your comments and thoughts about... ANYTHING really.. doesnt even have to be about makeup! But if you could, I would love to know...

  • What types of posts do you like reading most? (Reviews, How To's, Favorites, etc. etc.)
  • Do you feel my posts are helpful? Are they interesting to read?
  • Is the layout too simple? too busy?
  • Suggestions or questions in general?
I take every compliment and criticism with an open mind, so dont be afraid to let me know what works and what doesnt. If you would like to shoot me an email instead, feel free! I think you can just click on my profile under the 'About Me' section and it should have a link to send me an email. If not, let me know in the comments section and I will be happy to give it to you directly =))



Red lips, Black hair said...

1-Can I saw all of the above for the first question? I also love stash pics.:)

2-Very helpful and informative!

3- The layout is perfect, I don't get a pop-up that says "stop script" like I do with other blogs. So that's a good sign!

4-I would like some stash pics please..KTHXBAI. :D

Melody of Beauty said...

And for those kind words you got another follower! :)

I really like ur blog, and I like haul the most, reviews and ect. Layout is not that important ...

Come and help me chose the dress!

Janalyn said...

@ Red lips, Black hair - Thank you! I noticed a lot of blogs do that with the 'stop script' thing! Im glad mines isnt one of them =)) I will def try to be posting some stash pics! I am moving soon so I get a chance to redo and reorganize my makeup!

Red lips, Black hair said...

I'm glad too! It makes my comp crash.:/ Yay for moving YAAAY for stash pics! Good luck with the move!

Delyteful Speaks said...

This is my 1st visit to your blog.. But here's what I have to say from what I've seen so far..

1. I love favourites posts with a mini review on each product.. I think it's very helpful to read why a blogger likes a certain product.. It's also great to know what they didn't like and why..

2. From what I've read.. I think you posts are helpful.. They're informative and that's really great as I enjoy learning from each blog I visit..

3. Your layout is lovely.. Very easy on the eye and easy to find what I'm lookin for..

4. I might tweak the font type if I were you.. Choose one that is softer if that makes sense as your blog colours are soft and sweet..

Lovely blog hun.. I'm following ;)

Janalyn said...

Yay! Im excited too move, I just hate the moving process.. ugh.. lol

@Delyteful Speaks - Thank you for your suggestions and comments =) I know Ive seen so many blogs with cute font and I have no clue how to use other fonts besides the ones they give us as a default.. Still new to the whole blogging thing so hopefully soon I can make it more purdy =))

Aly7 said...

I love favorite posts because it shows folowers what is worth buying. I find your post really helpful, not useless at all. I like how you really take time to make a good post, not just write random garbage down. I think the layout and font are nice.The only suggeston I would reccomend is to just keep doing what you are doing. Because you are doing great! I love how you cover all of the bases!

Janalyn said...

Thank you Aly7!! Im glad my posts arent just random garbage! lol that made me laugh!

Aly7 said...

sure! glad i made you laugh! LOL.