Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wanted Wednesday's Beauty List: April 6, 2011

I guess this is sort of like a wishlist, but I like to call it my 'Wanted' List, because they are things that I really really want, or have wanted for some time now, that I just havent been able to get or they havent been released yet. Every week my 'Wanted' list changes because I either lost interest, something better came out, or its not available anymore. So, I think from now on, I am going to call this 'Wanted Wednesdays!' where every Wednesday I will posted a 'Wanted' list of some things I am keeping my eye on for the week =) I know.. middle of the week, but it wouldnt have rhymed with 'Wanted Mondays'...

Urban Decay 'Rollergirl' Nail Kit $28

Smashbox 'Limitless Beauty Kit' $39 and Softbox Lipgloss Collection $29

EvePearl 'Magic Salmon Concealer Trio' $50

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil 'So There Jade' $14.50

Whats on your 'Wanted' list this week?


Lemon Bunny/Mandy said...

The lip gloss set looks awesome. There's so much stuff I want, but right now I'm fixated on finding a great waterproof mascara.

Janalyn said...

I know I always want so many things! I spent so much today at MAC! lol I like Cliniques Lash Power (i think thats what its called). Some people hate it but I like it =)

Red lips, Black hair said...

The Limitless kit looks so cute! The blush looks beautiful!

Janalyn said...

The blush is actually what I wanted the most out of this kit =)