Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanted Wednesdays: April 13, 2011

Its 'Wanted Wednesdays' again!! Ok, so to round up from last week.. I did end up getting the MAC Powerpoint Pencil in 'So There Jade' and I absolutely just love love love it!!! I tried looking for the Urban Decay 'Rollergirl' Nail Kit, but they wont be receiving it at Macy's yet for about a week.. which is what the salesperson told me.. I was bummed =( And I changed my mind about the Smashbox stuff, I figured if in a couple weeks I really really want it, then Ill get it.

But, I am so excited this week because tomorrow is the first day to kick off Sephora's Chic Week for V.I.B.S!!! 15% off plus a free tote bag!!! and I am soooo going!! So this is the perfect day to narrow down my list of beauty wants!

Jack Black 'Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25' $7.50

Anastasia 'The Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes' $75

Sephora Collection 'Sugar Body Scrub' $18
Sephora Collection 'Make Up Brush Cleansing Wipes' $9 for 20 Wipes
Boscia 'Luminizing Black Mask' $34 OR Juice Beauty 'Green Apple Peel - Sensitive Skin' $39

If you have tried any of the two masks, I would really appreciate your feedback or suggestions on which one I should get =)

Ok thats it for now... but knowing me, Im most likely going to end up buying a whole ton of stuff...

Are you going to take advantage of Sephoras 'Chic Week 15% off'? If so, whats on your list?


VijiiS said...

That Jack Black balm is totally on my list, too!

Janalyn said...

I bought it yesterday!! lol I got the Lemon and Chamomile one, it smells yummy =)